Air pollution forces ten people in eastern Serbia to seek shelter in town hall

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The eastern town of Bor has been the most polluted in Serbia for years, but these days the air pollution has reached an extremely high level, forcing ten residents to spend the night in the town’s hall, N1 reported.

However, neither the Mayor nor the Chinese investor Ziyin answered the N1 call for comment.

The residents who sought shelter in the public building waited for 24 hours for the Republic’s Ecology Inspector, but she did not show up.

The meeting with the Mayor is scheduled for Monday morning, and if no solution is found the Bor residents say they will radicalise the protest.

At the end of September, the level of sulfur dioxide was up to 2,000 microgrammes per a cubic meter of air, while the allowed level is 125, and 500 microgrammes are considered damaging to human health.

Bor residents started a protest, on the next day they said it was a civil gathering.

“We want to show an example to other residents that there is no reason to be scared, that their right to breath is a basic human right,” one man told N1.

He said his wife was suffering from cancer and that he knew what that was about and how dangerous it was.

The largest polluter is said to be the Ziyin Mining, one of China’s biggest gold producers and the second-biggest producer of copper ore, which became a major shareholder of Serbia’s sole copper complex RTB Bor as of December 2018. The company pledged to invest 1.46 billion US Dollars for 63 percent of the ownership.

Bor residents said the air quality was better after the construction of a new melting house in 2015, but when Ziyin came, it became much worse.



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