Albania: Damage caused by SHPP 123 million EUR

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Approximately EUR 123 million in damages was established by the State Audit Institution during the audit of certain concession speeches for the construction of hydropower plants.
The SAI published on its website a report from the National Natural Resources Agency, which revealed a number of problems related to small hydro power plant concession projects. According to the SAI, the largest amount of damage, of about 107 million euros, was due to the unjustified use of VAT refunds. This misdemeanor was established in 11 cases, due to lack or exceeding of the relevant permits for works, on the basis of which the VAT refund was calculated.
In addition, in many cases, delays in the implementation of the contract were found, that is, in almost all cases the works were completed after the deadline.
Also, numerous problems were identified regarding technical non-compliance with concession projects.

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