An independent analysis of the construction of a lithium mine in Serbia is necessary

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At the very beginning of the round table held at the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, during the second day of the gathering “Project Jadar – What is known”, representatives of the company Rio Sava Exploration, a subsidiary of Rio Tinto, answered a question asked the day before by Bogdan Solaja on arsenic, which appears as a by-product during ore processing, emphasizing that its quantities will be within the allowed limits and will not pose a danger to the environment. Academician Solaja thanked for the answer, emphasizing that he still insists on an independent analysis that would show that the data of “Rio Sava Exploration” on that topic are accurate and precise.

Representatives of the British-Australian company Rio Tinto claim that the construction of the mine for the exploitation of the mineral “Jadarit” in the vicinity of Loznica, from which the lithium needed for the operation of electric car batteries was obtained, is a sustainable project, representatives of environmental organizations strongly oppose it. on the contrary, it endangers both the environment and the local population.

When asked what will happen to the families directly affected by the construction of the mine for the exploitation of jadarite living in the vicinity of Loznica, the general director of “Rio Sava Exploration” Vesna Prodanovic pointed out that talks on relocation are being held with those families and how they will continue living after that. She added that the company is open for talks in that regard for all other residents of that area who believe that they are endangered by the construction of the jadarite mine.

Among others, Aleksandar Jovanovic Cuta, from the organization Let’s Defend the Rivers of Stara Planina, addressed the audience, saying that its activists would defend Jadar and Radjevina from the intention of Rio Tinto to build a mine, just as they defended the rivers from the construction of small hydroelectric power plants. and thus “soaks the soil with poison.”

After that, academician Bogdan Solaja reacted with an appeal for everyone to express their opinion regarding the topic of conversation, but to refrain from inflammatory speeches that are not appropriate for the gathering held at SANU.

By the way, before the beginning of the round table on the “Jadar” project, the representatives of SANU were dissatisfied because members of the security hired by “Rio Tinto” appeared in the building. Representatives of SANU insisted that only its security could be present in the building of that institution and demanded that the security of Rio Tinto leave the building. In case that does not happen, they even threatened to interrupt the rally. The epilogue of everything was that after the tribune started, members of the SANU security took a place in front of the door of the hall where the rally was held, while members of the “Rio Tinto” security were stationed in the hallway near the elevator. After some time, two uniformed members of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Serbia appeared in front of the hall. The rally, however, passed without any incidents.



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