Serbia: Belgium’s WindVision builds wind farms in Alibunar, first step to build roads for transportation of equipment

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Alibunar Mayor Predrag Belic and Lazar Lazendic, the project manager of the Belgian company WindVision, have signed an agreement to finance and carry out works on the construction and reconstruction of non-categorized roads in the area where wind farms Alibunar 1, with a capacity of 99MW, and Alibunar 2, with a capacity of 75MW, are going to be built.

– The agreement calls for the acquisition of all required permits, reconstruction and construction of road network in a total length of nearly 60 kilometers to enable the transportation of bulk equipment and components for wind farms – Lazar Lazendic said at the agreement signing ceremony.

Alibunar Mayor Predrag Belic pointed out that the renovated and newly built roads would be used by the citizens of Alibunar so the project could also be considered a kind of donation to the municipality.

– In this project, the municipality of Alibunar plays the role of investor in the reconstruction and construction of road network, while WindVision is the main financier – Belic explained.

The agreement with WindVision is just one more in a series of already signed and implemented agreements between this investor and Alibunar’s local self-government, which all make the way for capital investments in the energy sector.


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