BiH wants to test a nuclear waste management facility in Croatia

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The Bosnian foreign ministry will inform Croatia in a diplomatic note that it wants experts from BiH to work together with Croatian colleagues on testing the soil of Trgovska Gora, where a nuclear waste management facility is planned. The location is close to the Croatian border with BiH.

The problem of systematic radioactive waste management in Croatia will be resolved with constructing a radioactive waste management facility, Žarko Katić, state secretary at the Ministry of the Interior, said in Sabor, the Croatian parliament, on Wednesday.

Speaking during a discussion on the proposal to amend the Radiological and Nuclear Safety Act, Katić said that only low and medium radioactive waste from industry, medicine and science, as well as from the Krško nuclear power plant, would be disposed of in the future facility, and not highly radioactive spent nuclear fuel.

“Nuclear energy is needed. It is clean, and our future lies in nuclear energy,” said Marin Miletić of the Bridge party (radical right). Darko Klasić of the Croatian Social Liberal Party (HSLS) agreed, saying that nuclear energy is “a clean, safe, competitive and low-carbon source of energy”.

“We do not think that we are disrupting relations with Croatia, but we have the right to protect the interests of our citizens. It is very important to preserve the health of every person in that location and to preserve the environment”, said Staša Košarac, BiH minister of foreign trade and economic relations, Euractiv writes.