Bosnia and Herzegovina: Desulphurisation plant at RTE Ugljevik put into operation

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At Rudnik and Thermal Power Plant (RiTE) Ugljevik, an 80 million euro desulphurization system has been put into trial, making this Republika Srpska energy giant the cleanest power plant in the region.

The project manager for the construction of the desulphurisation system Zlatko Malovic told reporters that this is the crown of the efforts put into this important project by the company and the RS Electric Power Company, with a very favorable loan from the Government of Japan and with the Japanese consortium “Micubishi Hitachi Power System” as a contractor.

“The completion of this project eliminated all the potential dangers that grew with the tightening of environmental legislation, in relation to contractual obligations to the European Energy Community and domestic legislation,” Malovic said.

He stated that the emission of harmful pollutants in RTE Ugljevik would be reduced by at least 80 times and would meet the strictest European directives in this field.

Malovic said that the hot start-up period for the flue gas desulphurisation plant will take three months during which the processes will be adjusted.

The loan agreement was signed in 2010 and the works on the plant have been ongoing since 2016.


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