Bosnia and Herzegovina: SHPP concessions terminated by Government of Republic of Srpska

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Five concession contracts for the construction of small hydropower plants (SHPP) on the Vrbanja, Crna Rijeka and Grabovicka Rijka rivers were terminated by Government of the Republic of Srpska (RS).

The Government terminated two contracts signed with local company Inving, which is in liquidation since 2015. These are SHPPs Grabovicka Rijeka and Skakavac Grabovica, both on the Grabovicka Rijeka.

A concession agreement for the construction of SHPP Staro Selo on Crna Rijeka, signed with local company Reconsult was also terminated. The company Energokomerc lost concessions for two SHPPs: Mrkonjic Grad on Crna Rijeka and Siprage on Vrbanja.

Last year, RS Government terminated seven SHPP concession contracts, most of which were related to projects on the Vrbanja river.


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