Bosnia: EFT’s TPP Stanari grid synchronization, delivery of first MW

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UK EFT Group newly built TPP Stanari is starting the delivery of first megawatts to the grid of Bosnia and Hercegovina. A completely new 300MW power generation facility is expected to start commercial operation in mid 2016.

TPP Stanari passed an important milestone, with grid synchronization we are entering the final testing phase, confirmed Mr.Vuk Hamovic EFT Group Chairman in email statement for Serbia-Energy news.

The grid synchronization marks the start of final testing phase which is expected to run for several months. Earlier commissioning phases included the set up of boiler and auxiliary systems in full operational mode that paved the path for its trial operation in beginning of 2016. The plant has a direct link to the existing 400Kv and 110kV transmission network, thru existing connection to the local power transmission network of 400/110/10kV substation.

Commercial operations are expected to begin in the first half of 2016 explained Mr.Hamovic, adding that the project realization beats the projected deadlines.

UK EFT Group operates the lignite mine Stanari since 2005 with sustainable upgrade of production with goal to secure the regular coal supply of newly built TPP Stanari. Coal mine development simply followed the EFT’s plan for construction of power generation facility explained Mr.Hamovic. The growth of the mine was aligned with the development of the local community Stanari which inhabitants are our employees and allies in joint development path, stresses EFT Group Chairman Vuk Hamovic. Strictest environment protection standards were applied in new power plant, this is our strongest responsibility toward the community in which we live and work explained Mr.Hamovic.

Mine and power plant investment amounted approximately 550MEUR which shows the strong dedication of EFT to stay in Stanari community for decades to come. TPP and coal mine Stanari development cycle is expected to generate total 900 jobs.

CFB technology which is being installed in the new TPP Stanari is an innovation for Bosnia and SEE region considering the fact that no new power generation facility was built in nearly three decades. 300MW power plant is fully complied with strict EU environment standards, which was confirmed by statements from Energy Community in late 2015. Upon commencement of commercial operation, TPP Stanari will be the country’s third largest thermal power generation facility with annual production of 2TWh.


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