Bosnia: Thermal Power Plant Stanari to start with Commercial Operation soon

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Beginning of commercial operation of thermal power plant Stanari is expected in May, as announced today after a meeting of Minister of Industry, Energy and Mining of RS Petar Djokic and technical director of the thermal power plant Savo Mirkovic.

The plants are in operation in capacity of 80 % or 240 megawatts, and Mirkovic said that they are switching to designed capacity of 300 megawatts in two days, and that test phase should last until February.

He emphasized that one-month trial operation will start in March, and the beginning of commercial operation is starting in May.

It is expected that 800 people will be hired in the power plant.

Thermal power plant Stanari started the first synchronization with the national power grid of B&H on the 4th of January this year.


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