Bulgarian Electricity System Security Fund’s funds

10. September 2020. /

The funds collected by the Bulgarian Electricity System Security Fund (SES) in 2018 amount to 1.396 billion levs (713.7 million euros), according to the fund’s report for last year, which was approved by the Council of Ministers, the government’s press service said. By law, the fund collects 5% of the monthly revenue from electricity producers and importers in the country, including Bulgartransgaz EAD and the Electricity System Operator EAD.

Money from auctions for the sale of greenhouse gas emission permits also goes to the fund. From 2018, revenues from the price and / or price component through which all end customers participate in the compensation of non-refundable expenses of energy companies or expenses arising from their so-called “Obligation to society”.

The funds raised cover the costs of the National Electricity Company, NEK EAD, arising from its function as a public supplier. The money from the fund also provides premiums for district heating and cogeneration plants, as well as for producers with a total installed capacity of 4 MW and over 4 MW, according to the Renewable Energy Act.

The costs of maintaining the fund in 2018 amount to 442 thousand levs (226 thousand euros). Almost 987 million levs (504.6 million euros) were paid to cover NEK’s costs arising from its status as a public supplier. The fund’s report was adopted by its board of directors in March 2019, and was audited by the State Auditor.

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