Chinese company criticized for delaying works in Serbia

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Although it aspires to membership in the European Union, Serbia is increasingly relying on investments from China.

The Minister of Mining and Energy in the Government of Serbia, Zorana Mihajlovic, sharply criticized the Chinese contractor “China Machinery Engineering Corporation” (CMEC) because of the “serious delay” in the construction of block three of the “Kostolac B” Thermal Power Plant and said that it would not be allowed to do so.

Mihajlovic, who visited this construction site with the director of the Electric Power Industry of Serbia (EPS), Milorad Grcic, stated that this is the largest construction site in the field of energy, very important for the energy system of Serbia. She stated that this is a “serious delay” and that together with EPS and the contractor, the Chinese company CMEC, they will try to change that. Mihailovic said that the contractor’s proposal to complete the works in the fall of 2022 was unacceptable for the Ministry, and stated that “she knows from experience on the project in the previous ministry that it is possible to start things faster,” the Serbian Minister of Mining and Energy said. She pointed out that CMEC was the first company to announce a slowdown due to the pandemic, and added that the Ministry and EPS would be there to provide any assistance. Grcic said that the situation on the construction site in Kostolac is significantly delayed, and that five years have been lost from the signing of the contract until the start of work in 2018.