Construction of facilities for flue gas desulphurization (FGD) in Serbia coal fired power plants

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The primary goal of the FGD construction is to reduce the mass concentration of SO2 at the exit of the facility, to ≤200mg/Nm3, using limestone wet scrubbing process. According to EPS reports these projects were in corporate strategy. After the NERP plan we will see will EPS continue to invest in environment protection systems modernization.

Project of FGD in TENT A is ongoing and is financed from the funds provided by JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency) in a total amount of 28,252 billion yen. In May 2012 PE EPS chose a consulting
organization TEPSCO (Tokyo Electro Power System Co.) (local consultant, Energoprojekt – ENTEL will assist TEPSCO) engaged in the preparation of tender documents necessary for the selection of the supplier of technology and equipment for FGD for the power units A3 – A6 in TENT A. Tim of consultants together with EPS prepared a tender for pre-qualification for this project that was issued in late 2012. Out of the participating companies / consortia, six of them were pre-qualified. In early 2014, a tender was announced for submission of bids for pre-qualified bidders. The evaluation procedure for the selection of contractors was not completed during 2014. The deadline for completion of the entire project is the end of 2017. That would comply with the deadline defined by the LCPD (Large Combustion Plant Directive), when the operations of thermal power plants within EPS should be in compliance with the obligations arising from the
Other large project which has not been in the implementation phase yet, but it has been planned, is the construction of FGD in the power units B1 and B2 in TPPNT B. During 2014, preparation and adoption of
the investment- technical documentation was finished. Securing the funds is a key issue for this project. There is an idea that, according to a project that EPS now have with JICA on TENT A, these funds are provided by the Japanese agency as well.

The construction of the FGD facility started in 2014 on the power units B1 and B2 in TPP Kostolac in order to reduce the emission of SO2≤200mg/Nm3. The project is implemented within the first phase of the package project “Thermo Power Plant Kostolac B Projects” which is financed from the loan signed with the People’s Republic of China. The completion deadline for this project is the end of 2016.


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