Over 300 SHPPs are planned to be built in Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Coordinator of the Banja Luka Center for the Environment Viktor Bijelic explains that some of the concession contracts signed in the past have been terminated by entity Governments, but that does not mean that these concessions will not be awarded again to another investor. About 100 small hydropower plants (SHPP) have been built in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) so far, and the construction of around 300 more is planned.

In his opinion, a small percentage of electricity is produced from small hydropower plants, but huge damage is inflicted, both to the local communities and to all citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and both to the environment and to the economy of this country.

According to him, the construction of all 400 SHPPs in BiH will not contribute to the production of electricity in Bosnia and Herzegovina by more than 3 %.

Bijelic reminded that the projects for the construction of small hydro power plants are heavily subsidized, that huge incentives for the production of electricity are provided for these facilities, which are paid by the citizens through the fee for renewable energy sources on their electricity bills.






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