Contracts for solar power plants on private lands in North Macedonia signed

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Currently, North Macedonia has 18.4 MW of installed capacity in solar power, but last year, it adopted a program which envisages introduction of new 200 MW in solar power by the end of 2021. The Government of North Macedonia has signed contracts for the construction of solar power plants with combined installed capacity of 21 MW on privately-owned land with 23 investors.

Minister of Economy Kreshnik Bekteshi said that the plants, with installed capacity of 1, 2, 5 and 10 MW, will be backed by Government premiums for 15 years after production starts, with the three-year deadline for their construction.

The tender for the construction of solar parks on private land was launch last August. For the total offered 27 MW installed capacity, a total of 44 bids were received, of which 11 bids for solar power plants with installed capacity from 0 to 200 kW, from 201-500 kW 10 offers in total, from 501 kW to 1 MW 19 offers and from 1 to 3 MW were received 4 bids. Taking into account the bids submitted for construction of solar power plants on state land, a total of 126 bids from interested investors have been received for a total of 62 MW of installed capacity.






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