Croatia: Debate on TPP Plomin C Held

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A debate titled “Slovenian TPP Šoštanj 6 – warning for Plomin C“ was held in Zagreb. The participants in the debate were Blaž Košorok, general manager of the Holding Slovenian Power Plants (HSE), Lidija Živčić from the Slovenian Association for Sustainable Development FOCUS and Bernard Ivčić from Green Action.

Plomin C is one of the biggest energy projects in Croatia after the independence, which the Government has declared strategic. According to the public opinion researches from June last year, 64 percent of Croatian citizens are against this project, whereas the construction is supported by 22 percent. At the recently held local referendum, as much as 94 percent of the citizens who voted pronounced against the project.

Simultaneously, one of the biggest projects in Slovenia is the coal-fired thermal power plant Šoštanj 6. The construction of this power plant [had] cost around 40 percent more with respect to the originally defined price, said Blaž Košorok. He added that the price of electricity produced by the power plant would be above the average. It is estimated that, because of this, the TPP Šoštanj will accumulate a loss of around 50 million euros annually.

Lidija Živčić said that there was an ongoing investigation due to the suspected corruption related to the construction of the TPP Šoštanj and that 10 indictments had been raised by then.

The main contractor for the TPP Šoštanj was Alstom, which should also be the main contractor and equipment supplier for Plomin C.

Within the past year, negotiations between HEP and the Japanese Marubeni have been conducted with regard to the contract details. HEP has undertaken to purchase at least 50 percent of electricity from Plomin C, which is why price is the key element of the future contract.

The association Green Action warns that the confidentiality of data on negotiations raises suspicion that Plomin C will be a harmful and unprofitable project. In the association, they comment that this is why it is important to be informed about the details of the contract and construction of the TPP Šoštanj 6, which, according to them, have caused big damage to the Slovenian electric power industry and the Slovenian citizens.

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