Croatia’s TPP Sisak commissions new cogeneration unit

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Croatia’s thermal power plant Sisak, run by state-owned energy utility HEP, has commissioned a new gas-fired cogeneration unit, the manufacturer of the main power equipment Russian firm Power Machines said.

The new unit – with 230 MW of electricity generation capacity and 50 MW of heating energy power – has increased the plant’s installed electric capacity to 650 MW, Power Machines said in a press release last week.

Prior to the upgrade, TPP Sisak operated two units of 210 MW each.

In 2007, HEP subsidiary HEP Proizvodnja, which operates TPP Sisak, hired Russia’s Technopromexport to supply the technology for the new unit. The deal was signed as part of an agreement between the Russian and Croatian governments on the repayment of the debt of the former Soviet Union to ex-Yugoslavia.

A total of 240 million euro ($262.4 million) has been invested in the new unit, including 152 million euro put up by HEP itself, Croatia’s economy ministry said in November.

HEP group owns and operates over 4,000 MW of installed generation capacity and 974 MW of heat production capacity, including 25 hydroelectric plants and eight thermal power plants fired by oil, natural gas and coal.


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