EC announced the procedure for hydrocarbon exploration in Montenegro

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Koalicija 27 will submit evidence in the coming period and cooperate with the Secretariat on the steps taken by civil society organizations and citizens at the state, regional and European level, administrative and judicial proceedings, as well as other requirements that need to be reviewed in the proceedings. The Secretariat of the Energy Community accepted the complaint of Koalicija 27, and announced a review of the case of hydrocarbon exploration in Montenegro within a maximum of six months.

Koalicija 27 filed a complaint for initiating proceedings under Article 90 of the Energy Community Agreement, after which the Ministerial Council of the Energy Community is instructed to consider the reasoned requests, determine the existence of serious and persistent violations of obligations under this Agreement by Montenegro. The result of this process may be a decision to suspend certain rights arising from the application of this contract to the party concerned.

Issues related to the application of the Directive on the assessment of the impact of certain public and private projects on the environment will be investigated in the part related to the efficient / significant public consultation process. Also, special attention will be paid to the monitoring of the General Guidelines for Climate Targets for 2030 for the Contracting Parties of the Energy Community, especially taking into account the new climate targets of the EC for reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 55% by 2030. Ministerial Council of the Energy Community for the development of integrated national energy and climate plans of the Contracting Parties. We are glad that the Energy Community has found an ear for the problems we have been pointing out for more than five years. On the other hand, it is devastating that our Government does not want to reconsider the abuse of regulations on citizen participation in decision-making processes, put an end to violations of basic human rights and the development of a backward fossil fuel economy in times of climate, environmental and social crisis. The exploitation of oil and gas from the Montenegrin submarine does not have a social consensus, and leads us to an ever deeper dependence on fossil fuels in the context of a country with modest finances and opportunities for green recovery and clean energy and social transition.