EC Secretariat for the shutdown of the Montenegrin TPP Pljevlja in accordance with the directive

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The Secretariat of the Energy Community supported the focus of Montenegro on the process of gradual shutdown of the Pljevlja thermal power plant, in accordance with the Directive on Large Combustion Plants, said at a working meeting in Vienna the Director of the Energy Community Secretariat Janez Kopac .

The Montenegrin delegation expressed readiness to implement the project of Ecological Reconstruction of TPP Pljevlja, which has already started, and as soon as possible, so that TPP Pljevlja could work in accordance with the European Union directives related to emissions.

The focus of the meeting was Montenegro’s progress in energy sector reform in line with the country’s obligations under the Energy Community Treaty.

In addition to talks on solar and wind power plants, one of the topics of the meeting was two key hydropower projects, HPP Komarnica and Krusevo, whose total installed capacity is about 260 MW.

“The Secretariat welcomes Montenegro’s resolute commitment to the energy transition process and the adoption of the National Plan for Energy and Climate Change, as well as the initiative on the dynamics of phasing out coal-fired thermal power plants,” EPCG said in a statement.

The Secretariat agrees to continue supporting Montenegro, especially with regard to the development of missing secondary legislation on renewable energy, the environmental impact of hydropower projects, and the impact of the transition on the community and the environment at the local level in Pljevlja.



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