Bosnia: Elektroprivreda B&H to construct a Mini Hydroelectric Power Plant

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Last week in the office of Mayor of the Municipality of Vares was held a meeting between members of the Board for capital investments of PE Elektroprivreda (EP) B&H, the Ministry of Agriculture, Water Management and Forestry of ZDC and the local community. Besides the Mayor Avdija Kovacevic and his assistants, the meeting was attended by Minister Himzo Smajic on behalf of the Ministry of Agriculture, Water management and Forestry with his assistants and the member of the Board for capital investments of EP B&H Mr. Besim Imamovic with associates.

They discussed the possibility of capital investments in local community with concrete proposals, the construction of five mini-hydroelectric power plants on the territory of their local community. In the interview, member of the Board Besim Imamovic said that Elektroprivreda B&H wants to demonstrate its social responsibility and to improve the image of the company by helping this community, knowing that the Municipality of Vares has good water potential in one hand, and on the other hand we know in which difficult situation this municipality is.

These are not projects that will provide new jobs places, but through capital investments and projects of friendly environment that we are planning to implement, certain funds will be returned through the concession fees, and this will indirectly help in some way to this area.

Minister Smajic emphasized: “The local community already gave its approval for some of the projects, or more precisely for 3 projects that already have issued water permit, and there are no other obstacles to proceed with the further realization. For these 3 projects, we will propose to the Government of ZDC to issue a permit for starting of the process and we can expect a very fast realization.”

With the realization of these projects it is planned to build one more mini hydroelectric power plant on the Stavnja River, and 3 more on the Tribija River.


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