Macedonia: ELEM begins EUR 64.5 million procurement procedure for REK Bitola coal plant

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Macedonian Electric Plants, the main, publicly owned energy producer, announced they have begun procuring modern equipment needed to fully utilize the new dig at the Suvodol coal mine, and to have the open strip mines Suvodol and Brod Gneotino operate continuously and independently. ELEM has informed that the program will include investments worth a total of EUR 64.5 million, partially provided by ELEM itself, and partially by the Deutsche Bank.

ELEM estimates that the procurement will allow REK Bitola, the coal plant that provides most of Macedonia’s energy, to continue operating efficiently and without interruptions in the next 15 to 20 years. The equipment will allow continuous mining and delivery of coal, as well as intermittent supplies. It includes different mining, transportation machines, crushers, 15 hydraulic diggers, 12 bulldozers, 28 dumper trucks able to carry over 40 tons of coal and other machinery. The mines will also be reinforced with six automatic lifters, water cisterns and a fuel tank.

“This complex procurement will lead to a reduction in costs of coal digging in all three coal mines that supply REK Bitola”, ELEM informed.

The equipment is expected to be installed and put to use in the next 12 to 24 months. ELEM does not expect to hire outside contractors for the installation of the equipment.


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