Energy and the Balkans at the heart of investor interest

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Opportunities for further strengthening of the energy sector in South East European countries were highlighted during an event organized by the Technical Chamber of Athens entitled, “Athens Investment Forum 2018: The Role of Hellenic Businesses in Future Development”.

The Greek Public Power Corporation is claiming a leading role in the Balkans, the company’s vice-president Giorgos Andriotis said. PPC is being transformed, dynamically developing Renewable Energy Sources and Networks, reforming its strategic planning and looking for associates and strategic partners, with the aim of becoming an international firm that can play a significant role in the EU’s energy union.

In this direction PPC is active in Bulgaria, Serbia and FYROM, and has also established partnerships with companies in North Africa.

Meanwhile, energy supply is a major challenge for the company.

To date, eight lignite-fired power plants have ceased their operation, while 7 more will shut down by the end of 2025.

Chief Strategy Officer of Gastrade SA, Thomas Achimastos, spoke of the shaping of a new field that is in the making in terms of natural gas transport in Southeastern Europe. The effort is being spearheaded by the imminent construction of an FLNG unit in Alexandroupolis.

This new infrastructure will fully serve the EU’s energy security, and especially Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, perhaps even Ukraine.

According to the Snam SpA Country Representative for Greece & the Balkans, Nicola Battilana, natural gas is by far one of the most reliable and cleaner sources of energy, which will play a key role in shaping Europe’s energy mix in years to come.

Source: balkaneu

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