Environmental impact study for wind park in Croatia finished

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The environmental impact assessment (EIA) study for Zelovo wind farm, is completed, Croatian Ministry of Environmental Protection and Energy informed. This project is developed by state-owned power utility HEP.

The future wind farm will be located near the town of Sinj in Split-Dalmatia County, will have five wind turbines and installed capacity of up to 30 MW. The EIA was developed by local company Geonatura and it will enter public debate soon. This would be the first wind farm project developed by HEP from scratch. HEP is also planning to build wind farms at Jelenje, Bradarica kosa and Lisane locations.

In early May, roatian electricity market operator HROTE signed a temporary contract with state-owned power utility HEP, the operator of 58 MW Korlat wind farm, on the facility’s participation in the electricity market during its trial operation. Wind farm Korlat will be the first such facility to participate directly in the electricity market, without prior participation in any kind of support schemes which subsidy electricity produced from renewable sources. According to HEP, the wind farm’s expected annual output of 170 GWh, or 1 % of the annual electricity consumption in Croatia, will be enough to supply more than 50,000 households. HEP already signed a contract with Nordex for the supply of wind turbines and the plant should be commissioned in August 2020. The project for the construction of this 58 MW wind farm, located near Benkovac, was initially developed by the local company HELB. The cost of the project was estimated to some 80 million euros in 2016, but HEP now plans to invest 65 million euros in its construction.

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