EPBiH: The construction of Block 7 of the Thermal Power Plant in Tuzla will be completed at any cost

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The construction of Block 7 of the Thermal Power Plant in Tuzla will be completed at any cost, claim the Electric Power Industry of BiH, stating its importance for the energy sector of our country. On the other hand, environmentalists point to the futility of a project that has no long-term future for them.

The construction of Block 7 of the Thermal Power Plant in Tuzla is currently stopped, because the Chinese partners cannot fulfill the obligations from the contract due to the cancellation of the American subcontractor. However, Elektroprivreda BiH states that this project will be realized at any cost, in order to maintain the energy stability of our country.

“Unfortunately, everything took a long time, the circumstances have changed, but we have no alternative. All those who are for or against, let them say another solution and we will accept it. We are determined to implement the contract and we have not questioned it with a single move.” , says the General Manager of Elektroprivreda BiH Admir Andelija.

Environmental pollution taxes

However, the position of Elektroprivreda BiH is not shared by environmentalists who state that this electric power facility would act contrary to the Sofia Declaration, which is BH. politicians signed late last year, pledging to decarbonise society by 2050. This primarily refers to the decarbonisation of the energy sector, followed by transport and agriculture.

“The energy sector in Europe is decarbonising rapidly, and our politicians claim that we want to go to Europe. If we really want to, it is illogical to invest billions of KM in facilities that will certainly close in fifteen years, because CO2 taxes will simply close economically. that facility “, says for Klix.ba ecologist Denis Žiško from the Center for Ecology and Energy.

Speaking about Block 7 of the Thermal Power Plant in Tuzla, Žiško states that there would be lower emissions of sulfur dioxide, but also PM particles, however, the citizens of the Tuzla region would still have a problem with enormous amounts of slag and ash, as is the case now.

“Elektroprivreda BiH does not plan to modernize anything here, but to continue throwing slag and ash into the hole, which contain heavy metals, dangerous for the population. In Block 7, it is planned to use coal from the Dubrava and Šikulja mines, which itself contains less sulfur, but we will also continue to have a problem with sulfur dioxide, given that no desulphurization plants have been installed on the existing units 5 and 6 “, continues Žiško.

According to Žišek, money and time, our country should be directed to more serious investments in renewable energy sources, energy efficiency and the establishment of so-called smart grids, which are the future of the energy system.

“Our politicians should provide subsidies for so-called civil energy, following the example of Croatia, where state funds subsidize photovoltaic systems in households. If it is seen that it works in neighboring countries, not to mention in Europe, then why should we send their children to dig coal in the mines? Why wouldn’t they install solar collectors or do some ‘smarter jobs’ on so-called smart grids”, said the Tuzla ecologist.

Green or the road to ruin?

One of the conditions for BiH’s entry into the European Union is certainly the full monitoring of the so-called “green campaign”, which implies action according to environmental standards. However, according to the situation on the ground, it is evident that our country is still contrary to the mentioned principles.

“We have been in the green campaign for ten years. We are trying, we are committed to respecting the laws and we cannot do otherwise. Unfortunately, it is obvious that in this country, when you respect the laws, you cannot build much in the field of ecology,” said the director general. Elektroprivreda BiH.

His opinion is not shared in the Tuzla Center for Ecology and Energy.

“We are on the verge of collapse, if our politicians continue to work in the same way as before. It will happen that the citizens of BiH will join the green path, but in one of the European Union countries. keep talking about how wonderful it is to send people to the mine, how cheap coal energy is and that we can’t live without it.This is nonsense and political demagoguery, to show that they care and protect the jobs of miners who, truth be told, , there are very few in the mines “, points out Žiško.

Loss of energy independence

We are witnessing that coal production is decreasing, which is currently the main energy source for electricity production in Bosnia and Herzegovina. According to the director of Elektroprivreda BiH, our country is currently not at the level of electricity production at an acceptable price and satisfactory standards.

“It is popular to say that we have energy independence, which in the perception of the population means that we have our energy that we produce at a price that is acceptable to us, with sales and exports. But in BiH there is no more complete energy independence because our goods must meet standards The current price of electricity from thermal power plants is 54 and 55 euros per megawatt hour, and we sell a large part of it to households, at a price 20 or 25 percent cheaper than the production price. if the situation doesn’t change soon”, Andelia says.

According to the current circumstances, BiH has until 2026 to restructure the electricity sector, otherwise it is threatened with a complete loss of energy independence with a double increase in the price of electricity.

Source: Klix. ba

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