EPS Serbia’s Kolubara meets early 2015 coal production target

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Serbian coal miner Kolubara, part of state-owned energy utility EPS, said it has extracted 28.2 million t of coal since the beginning of the year, meeting its 2015 coal production target four days ahead of schedule.

Coal production at Kolubara’s largest open pit, Tаmnаvа-Zаpаdno polje, surpassed the annual plan of 10.1 million t of coal a month ago and should reach 11.6 million t by the end of the year, beating the plan by 15%, the company said in a press release on Monday.

The Kolubara mining basin suffered the biggest damage among all EPS units during the May floods last year, when its open pit mines were inundated, disrupting production for several months.

Kolubara, based in Lazarevac, in central Serbia, produces around 30 million t of coal annually. It supplies the country’s biggest power generating complex, TENT.

source: seenews

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