Five power plants in Serbia need renovation to avoid shutdown

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According to a research done by SEE Change Net Foundation, 13 thermal power stations in the countries of the Balkan Region are either to be renovated or closed due to obsolescence and the failure to meet EU standards.

As Al Jazeera Balkans reports, there are five thermal power stations in Serbia that require renovation to avoid shutdown.

Steam power plants Morava, Kostolac, Nikola Tesla and Kolubara are to be renovated in the period 2025-2030, while the deadline for closing the first three power generation units within Kosovo thermal power station is 2020, and the remaining two will be closed in 2025 in the absence of renovation.

Energy is a subject that every country on its path towards the EU must deal with, and countries of this region should reduce their emission of harmful gases by 80% by 2050, it was said in Brussels.

Experts suggest that Balkan countries should try to increase the energy efficiency of their residential buildings, use wind and solar power in a more efficient manner, and also reduce the use of coal.

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