Greece: Gov’t aiming for 2.5 GW of new RES units by 2020

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The country’s existing renewable energy sources (RES) support system is plagued by impasse situations, Mihalis Veriopoulos, the Environment and Energy Ministry’s secretary general in charge of Energy and Mineral Resources, told the Athens Energy Forum, while presenting the key parts of the upcoming RES support system.

The general secretary noted that the government is aiming to add 2.5 GW of new RES units to the system by 2020, primarily wind-energy systems and photovoltaics, while adding that energy efficiency regulations for buildings would be reviewed.

Commenting on the “Saving at Home” buildings energy upgrade program, Veriopoulos informed that a new program would soon be made available to offer 292 million euros for the period between 2014 to 2020, adding that a further 80 million euros are still available from the existing upgrade program.

Photovoltaic systems will make a return to the RES map through auctions for specific capacities, measures will be taken to reinforce the biomass and biogas sectors, both linked to agricultural production, while a new program for the implementation of small wind-energy turbines will also be launched, Veriopoulos said.

The official informed that RES producers will participate in the daily market and receive reasonable premiums.


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