Greek renewable energy projects on islands will be developed with ADMIE’s interconnections

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According to Greek Ministry of Energy, investors in RES project plans for non-interconnected islands, previously granted licenses incorporating the installation of cable interconnections, will be able to develop their renewable energy facilities and reserve capacities through interconnection infrastructure developed by electricity transmission system operator ADMIE.
So far, licenses granted to investors in the past for large-scale wind energy farms on non-interconnected islands expected investors to install related cable infrastructure for energy distribution by themselves.
Such licenses have been granted to the Copelouzos group and Terna for projects on Crete and Iberdrola Rokas for investment plans in the North Aegean islands.
The new legal framework being prepared by the Ministry promises to offer investors greater flexibility as development of interconnection infrastructure will no longer be set as a condition for related RES project licenses. Instead, investors will be able to reserve capacities through cable interconnections being developed by ADMIE. However, investors will need to contribute to the cost of this infrastructure in accordance with their reserved share of the overall capacity.


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