If this company tries to import machines into the Jadra valley, we will block all entrances to the valley and defend our fields with our bodies.

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On the occasion of Zorana Mihailović’s recent public appearances and insider information that the subcontractor of the company “Rio Tinto” is preparing to import machines into the Jadra Valley, the Ne damo Jadar Association and the Coalition against Environmental Corruption warn the public, but also the Minister, the President and the company. These are dangerous intentions that violate the constitutional order in the country and the citizens will not observe it peacefully, Miroslav Mijatović, President of the Steering Board of the Pact, told Nova.rs.

“If this company tries to import machines into the Jadra Valley, as announced, we will block all entrances to the valley and defend our fields with our bodies”. “There is no passage for ‘Rio Tinta’ machines, while Zorana Mihailović – the best friend and spokesperson of the company knows in advance that these are the latest technologies, so that at least the technologist, not the economist, tells us”, states Mijatović, who is also the chairman of the Coalition. against environmental corruption.

According to him, there is no passage for machines while the people are “smearing their eyes” with an apparent and fake referendum, and “Rio Tinto” Serbian institutions are properly servicing changes to the Spatial Plan of the special purpose area, approving a new location for tailings by the river, location conditions and location conditions and break down the environmental impact into three separate studies.

“On the other hand, the Constitutional Court is still silent on 1,600 Initiatives for Assessing the Constitutionality of the Government Decree from March 2020. There is no passage for ‘Rio Tinta’ machines while the company and our faculties persistently hide the names of the professors who did the studies for that company, and the Environmental Protection Agency randomly draws shameful conclusions while its acting the director sits in the working group for the implementation of the ‘Jadar’ project “, pointed out Mijatović.

He emphasizes that there is also no passage for the machines of that company until Zorana Mihailović, Ana Brnabić and Aleksandar Vučić convince them that they have sold all their property and bought properties near the mine where they will continue to live.

“It is only a condition that we accept indecent offers and empty promises of them and their comrades from the company Rio Tinto. Until that moment, we appeal to all the authorities in this country and the company “Rio Tinto” not to play with fire and not to provoke the indignant people, because we have burned our nails and we have nowhere else to go. We are convinced that the army and the police, as in many difficult moments for Serbia, will be with their people, and not with those whose profit is more important than the future, the health of children and their people”, Mijatović concluded.

Marijana Petković from the Association Ne damo Jadar has the same attitude, saying that everything that is done in Loznica and the surroundings of that city is inadmissible.

“We will not allow them to poison us, extinguish the hearths and destroy Serbia.” “What is happening to us is like the scariest horror film, and, in fact, our reality”, she stated for Nova.rs.

Source: nova.rs