Local community and environmental organizations concerned about continued construction of Ugljevik 3 TPP

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Representatives of the local community and environmental organizations yesterday expressed their concern over the shortcomings of the Draft Environmental Impact Study for the construction of the Ugljevik 3 2 × 350 MW thermal power plant. Representatives of the Ministry of Physical Planning, Construction and Ecology of the Republic of Srpska, representatives of the Institute for Protection and Ecology of the Republic of Srpska who prepared the study, and representatives of the Center for the Environment, local communities and investors Comsar participated in the public debate, which was organized in Ugljevik.

Aleksandar Krstić, a resident of Bogutovo Selo and an agricultural producer, pointed out the remark on the part of the study that refers to the distance of the nearest settlements, endangerment of people, sources of drinking water and land within a radius of 1 km from the new planned thermal power plant and coal disposal facilities. , slag and other harmful substances of the thermal power plant.

“The study did not analyze the overall negative impact of the thermal power plant on the villagers who would be cut off from the rest of the municipality with endangered health, agricultural crops and forest and water resources. Also, so far, we have recorded situations with landslides and damage to local roads, which are manifested from year to year, and which the investor and contractors still have not repaired”, he said.

During the discussion, the representatives of the Center for the Environment expressed regret that the construction of this thermal power plant is still being discussed – even a decade after the letter of intent, and at a time when many countries in the region and Europe are discussing the deadline for closing coal-fired power plants.

“The project for the construction of the Ugljevik 3 thermal power plant does not make any sense in many parameters, and the new environmental impact study again does not provide answers to the questions of the real harmful impact of the thermal power plant. We already have a lot of criticism of the document itself, and we hereby invite other organizations from BiH and neighboring countries as part of cross-border consultations to react and submit their comments. ” – said Majda Ibraković from the Center for the Environment.

She also adds that the planned lifespan of the thermal power plant is over 40 years, which is contrary to the Sofia Declaration and the decarbonisation of the economy by 2050.

We remind you that this is the second attempt to assess the impact on the environment for the Ugljevik 3 thermal power plant project, considering that the previous process was suspended in 2018, due to numerous omissions and procedural shortcomings pointed out by the Center for the Environment.

The document is on public view and the public can send their comments to the competent Ministry in the next 15 days (link). All those interested who need support in analyzing the study and submitting comments can contact us, according to this organization.

Source: Centar za životnu sredinu

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