Local residents protest lithium mining plans in western Serbia

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In western Serbia, near Pozega, mining companies are planning to mine lithium and other minerals. Local people staged a protest.

The Initiative for Pozega organization said that gatherings were held in two villages outside that town to protest the start of geological testing and the construction of mines to exploit lithium, boron and other minerals. The press release said that the gatherings were organized following reports that the Jadar Lithium company had informed the Pozega municipal authorities that it would start geological testing on April 17.

“The local population has organized to protect their age-old homes and a healthy environment. They are informed about the procedure to extract lithium using toxic chemicals, alter water flows and pollute the ground and are prepared to defend their properties with all means available,” it said adding that the same message had been sent to Jadar Lithium and the Mining and Energy Ministry.

Source: rs.n1info.com


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