Macedonia Borov dol has lost court litigation for defamation

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In the court proceedings initiated by Borov Dol DOOEL Radovic for defamation, a decision was made in favor of the political party of the DOM. In a written explanation, the Basic Court in Skopje states that the appeal was rejected as unfounded.

According to the DOM, the court assessed that there was no defamation in transmitting publicly available information, nor intention to violate honor and reputation of the prosecutor. In addition, the court emphasizes freedom of expression, protected by the European Convention on Human Rights.

The DOM estimates that justice has been won and that this case represents another victory in a number of ecological cases in Macedonia. “We all need to understand that ecological fighting is honest and in the interest of all citizens and the environment. Instead of using the court, different, as well as opposing subjects, should publicly discuss how to protect nature. ”

A fair judgment in this dispute has also contributed to increasing trust in the judiciary.

“The DOM informs population that new opening of the  mine  of death Borov dol is due to be opened, between Stip, Radovis and Konca,  which should be another open pit for the copper ore, which would be lubricated with sulfuric acid in the open swimming pool on the mountain. This will be backed up by a fake environmental impact assessment study. ”

Last year, the president of the party, Ljiljana Popovska, came out with this statement. Responsible in the mine assessed this statement as a non-argued, unethical, irresponsible, fictitious unprecedented information, which can only be given by a person who does not have any knowledge of an industry such as mining.

“In the performance of Popovska, claims of full offense and defamation were made at the expense of the legal entity Borov dol Radovis and his management bodies. That is why we sent a letter to Popovsky, asking for an apology and denial, but she did not want to receive a letter, which was returned by mail. We asked Popovska to excuse and publicly withdraw an offensive and defamatory statement within 24 hours at a press conference, but she did not do it within the deadline. We had no other way to protect our reputation in the national economy built for 13 years, since Solvej company started the Bucim mine again, so we gave our law firm an order to prepare a lawsuit against her. Now he will have to prove in court the truthfulness of his statement, “said former director Nikolai Nikolov.

He explained that the concession for detailed geological explorations of the Borov Dol site was approved several years ago, that a report on the mines was prepared and after submition of other necessary documents, a permit for exploitation was obtained.Since it is a small ore body of about 40 million tons of sulphide ore processed through flotation, and not with sanding, as Popovska claims, it will be transported with a conveyor belt to the Bucim mine, where it will be processed. The mine will operate until 2032, and with the possible expansion of Borrow Dol until 2042.

Borov dol is only eight kilometers away from the Bucim.


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