MET group launched solar park in Kaba, Hungary

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The company currently operates two solar facilities in Hungary (Dunai and Kabai) with installed capacity of over 60 MW.

In the Hungarian town of Kaba, MET Group has commissioned its new solar power plant. SPP has an installed capacity of 43 MW, providing green electricity to more than 23,000 households.

Currently the largest element of the energy company’s Hungarian renewables portfolio, Kabai solar power plant incorporates the latest technology and has an expected lifetime of at least 25 years. The construction of the solar power plant was launched in January.

Chairman of the asset management board of MET Group Balazs Gabor Lehocz said that renewable energy is the cornerstone of a sustainable future, and it creates significant value for local communities also. The goal of MET Group is to build solar power plants with a total capacity of several hundred megawatts in Hungary.