Montenegro Gov grants new smal HPP concessions

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The government of Montenegro said it has granted a concession for the
construction of small-sized hydro power stations on the Stitaricka
river to Stitarica, a consortium of local and foreign companies.

In October, the economy ministry said that the commission in charge of
the process has concluded that the consortium Stitarica submitted the
sole bid in the tender launched in late July and has been named the
first-ranked bidder in accordance with the criteria set for the bid

The consortium consists of the MN Power company from Podgorica,
Danilovgrad-based Viner Co. and National Electric Power Company,
headquartered in Serbia, the government said in a press release
following its weekly session on Thursday.

The government added it has instructed the economy minister to sign
the 30-year concessions contract with the consortium.

The relevant technical paperwork indicates plans for the construction
of two small hydro power plants on the river Stitaricka – the 1.21 MW
Stitarica 1 and 0.6 MW Starica 2 with a planned combined electricity
production of 7.2 GWh.

source: Seenews

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