Montenegro; Negotiations on Chapter 27 will be long and complex

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The environmental benchmarks that the EU accession countries need to meet are being raised, which is why one can reasonably expect for the negotiations to be complex, demanding and long-lasting, founded of the Green Movement and former head of the Sustainable Development Office Branko Lukovac has stated.

Lukovac recalls that Montenegro has already drafted and presented to the European Commission its negotiating position, as a basis for the EC to draft a common negotiating positions and present it to EU member states for consideration.

“This proves that the government and the competent authorities are ready for the opening of this demanding chapters,” Lukovac told Mina in an interview.

According to Lukovac, the fact that the opening of this chapter has taken a lot of time speaks of the complexity of the topic of environment and climate change, as one of the biggest challenges currently facing the mankind.

“On the other hand, the benchmarks that the EU candidate countries are required to meet, in this chapter as well as in all others, are being raised, with the engagement and assessments from the other nongovernmental stakeholders is carefully considered. At any rate, it is realistic to expect the negotiation on this chapter to be complex, demanding and time-consuming,” Lukovac stated.


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