Mutual cooperation in the region can lead to clean rivers

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Potpećko Lake is an artificial accumulation lake built on the river Lim, two kilometers upstream from Pribojska Banja and 15 kilometers from Nova Varoš, in the Zlatibor administrative district. Tens of thousands of cubic meters of floating waste were removed from Potpećko Lake, which was transported to the Regional Center “Duboko” near Užice.

This was done thanks to the urgent intervention of the Public Water Management Company “Srbijavode”, which, at the initiative of the Ministry of Environmental Protection, performed the necessary works, with the support of the Public Company “Electric Power Industry of Serbia”, the Ministry of Environmental Protection announced.

After the removal of municipal waste from Potpećko Lake, other measures will be taken in order to solve this problem in the long run. Some of them are the construction of sanitary landfills outside the blue zones, as well as the closure of the existing ones with the reclamation of wild and unsanitary landfills in the catchment area, according to the Ministry of Environmental Protection.