Neglect of the environment of the Lim River in Montenegro also affects the surrounding countries

27. July 2020. /

The Lim River is as absolutely clear at its source, but the water from Bijelo Polje downstream is in a catastrophic condition. Lim, which springs in Montenegro, but mostly stretches through Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, is just one of the rivers that in a short time, thanks to negligence, passed from clean water to the river of dead fish.

This is the title of a recently published text and research by the Center for Investigative Reporting in Montenegro (CIN CG), which states that the Lim River, which is 219 kilometers long and as much as 136 kilometers long, runs through Serbia and BiH, on a section downstream from Bijelo The fields were literally “turned into a sewer.”

The Montenegrin Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism, the Agency for Nature and Environmental Protection, as well as the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development with the Water Administration, as claimed by CIN, do not have a comprehensive analysis of the Lim River, sediments, fauna, soil and vulnerability and they do not try much to change something in that regard.

– Penalties for polluters are symbolic and often obsolete. Fines of several hundred euros for individuals, up to a thousand for companies that persistently do not install treatment plants are more stimulating than they warn polluters – according to CIN, citing studies by the Montenegrin Faculty of Science, which states that the Lim River is at its spring is clear, but that the water from Bijelo Polje downstream is in a catastrophic condition. Due to the pollution, trout and some plant species disappear from Lim, and others that tolerate released toxins are formed. Experts have also discovered a large concentration of heavy metals in the fish, and piles of waste swim through the Lim, occasionally staying on its shores.

Danilo Mrdak, a professor at the Montenegrin Faculty of Natural Sciences and a member of the team that conducted studies on the state of the Lim river ecosystem, claims that the destruction of Lim was “done diligently and for a long time”.

– Total negligence comes to the surface only when dead fish start to float. Then people wonder what is going on, the local fishing society raises its voice, social networks glow, and the media start reporting. This is a reflection of decades of carelessness, according to the principle: it is running water, so it will take away. The river carries up to one moment and when there is no more room for all the waste and poison, we have this situation – Mrdak said for CIN CG.






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