New law on renewable energy sources in Serbia

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Many laws in the field of energy and mining have not been changed for more than six or seven years, and much has changed during that time, said Minister of Mining and Energy Zorana Mihajlovic, announcing the adoption of a special law on renewable energy sources to use Serbia’s great potential in that area, as well as the establishment of a large energy efficiency fund. She stated in the announcement that the law on renewable energy sources is a complete novelty, because renewable energy sources are now part of the Law on Energy. As she explained, the current system of incentives in the form of feed-in tariffs will be changed and auctions for energy from renewable sources will be introduced.

“If we count large hydro power plants, almost 27 percent of electricity production is renewable energy sources, but when we exclude large hydroelectric power plants, biomass, geothermal energy, solar energy, it is only four to five percent. That is very little in relation to other countries and in relation to the potential that Serbia has. With the new law, we will try to create a space, an environment for renewable energy sources to be used much more, “said Mihajlovic.

“Feed-in tariffs mean that no matter how much you produce, the state pays you because you put that energy on the grid. Instead, auctions will be introduced, which exist everywhere in the world today, which means that there will be competition between those who produce energy from renewable energy sources, “said Mihajlovic.

As she added, special attention will be paid to cogeneration, ie the production of both electricity and heat.

“What is also a novelty in the laws is the formation of a large fund for energy efficiency. The existing fund was insufficient and existed within the ministry. It was a small amount of money in relation to the possibilities to raise energy efficiency “, said the Minister. She pointed out that the plan is to fill the fund with at least money from the budget, and much more from international funds.

“We want to turn primarily to households, not just public buildings, large buildings where a lot can certainly be done to increase energy efficiency. On average, about 40 percent of electricity and heat are “thrown away” in Serbia because households do not have good doors, windows and wall insulation. Through that fund, the state wants to set as the national goal and national policy the number one attempt to reduce energy consumption “, said Mihajlovic.

“Now we are talking about energy and the environment as something that normally goes together, while seven years ago it was not like that. “All laws in those areas will be completely changed in order to adapt to the new green agendas,” said Mihajlovic.

According to her, the amendments to the law will create space for complete digitalization of all procedures in the Ministry of Mining and Energy.

“It will no longer be necessary to submit documents, to ask for investigative rights, permits and solutions, everything will be electronic, just as there is an electronic construction permit.” We will adapt to all European directives to which we have not adapted so far, “said Mihajlovic, Beta reports.