Process of determining the content of the Jadar Project Environmental Impact Assessment Study in Serbia needs to be suspended

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The Coalition against Environmental Corruption and the Podrinje Anti-Corruption Team (PAKT) called on the Ministry of Environment today to urgently suspend the procedure for determining the scope and content of the Study on Environmental Impact Assessment of the Lithium and Pine Exploitation Project “Jadar” because, as they stated, of 15 days “not even the most professional people in the country could analyze that document”.

Those non-governmental organizations assessed that the authorities “allow and support the process from which Rio Tinto wants to obtain a building permit on the basis of which he would start the construction of the underground mining mine, without becoming the owner of a third of the land.”

“Who deceives the public, when the president announces the referendum, while the Ministry of Environmental Protection acts as if it has already been successfully held?” “Everyone who will participate in this process must be ready to bear criminal responsibility,” the NGO said.

They called on the competent state authorities and the company Rio Tinto to “no longer deceive the public and to clearly state whether the referendum will take place, under what conditions, when and if it will take place, to urgently suspend all steps taken to make the company work.” out of the public eye a building permit “.

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