Reclamation in “ТЕ-КО Kostolac“ EPS Serbia

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Landscaping of 130 hectares. Works of biological reclamation of degraded areas in the mine “Ćirikovac” will also be performed.
In the mining sector of the branch “TE-KO Kostolac” it is envisaged by the plan to landscape nearly 130 hectares of degraded areas this year. The formation of eco-protective belt of the village Drmno, located near the mine “Drmno”, will be continued. In the internal landfill, located on the edge of the village, 96 hectares will be landscaped this year. On 50 hectares, 55,000 seedlings of acacia will be planted, and seeding of alfalfa on 46 hectares of flat surfaces
is planned. In the outer landfill of the open pit mine “Drmno” alfalfa sowing on the area of 10 hectares will be done.

In addition to degraded areas at the location of the open pit mine “Drmno”, works on biological recultivation of degraded areas will also be carried out in the mine “Ćirikovac”, which ceased the production of coal. Biological reclamation is planned on the area of 6.5 hectares, i.e. afforestation of the area with 7,150 acacia trees.

Works on the forest management plan implementation will be intensively carried out, which arises from innovative planned basis of forest management for 2016. This applies to afforestation of the areas with new perennial plantations where they are missing, removal of the weeds on landscaped areas, maintenance of roads and regular maintenance and protection of young, but already established forest areas.


For reclamation of new areas, regular and capital maintenance of landscaped areas about 260 million dinars are planned to be spent this year, out of which 86 million dinars for technical reclamation and the same amount will be spent for land biological reclamation. For forest
management activities, arising from the innovated planned basis of forest management, 4.8 million dinars will be spent, and for technical and biological reclamation, i.e. construction of eco-protective belt of the village of Drmno 83 million dinars will be allocated.

source: EPS

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