RERI: Serbia will buy electricity if it does not make the transition to green energy

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If it does not make the transition to green energy in the next 10 years, Serbia will be in a situation to buy electricity, the program director of the Institute for Renewable Energy (RERI), Mirko Popovic, told the daily Nova.

The lignite we use is getting worse, and the thermal power plants are getting older, he pointed out and announced that “next year Kolubara A and TPP Morava should be excluded from the system because their deadline prescribed by the agreement on the establishment of the Energy Community has expired.”

“Then we will be left without several hundred megawatts of capacity, unless we violate our obligation,” Popovic said.

He warned that due to the large emission of carbon dioxide, taxes will be increased, which will affect the price of electricity.

Viktor Berishaj from the European Network for Climate Action claims that Serbia did not join the countries that announced the gradual abolition of coal use at the COP26 Summit in Glasgow.