Romania: Hidroelectrica wants to strengthen ‘Iron Gates I’ dam

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Hidroelectrica has asked its shareholders to approve an investment project estimated at EUR 11.7 M, which consists of supplementary protection measures at the ‘Iron Gates I’ dam, Agerpres informs.

Company representatives show that the ‘Iron Gates I’ system has been in use for 43 years, period in which the Danube riverbed changed, a phenomenon sped-up by the strong floods of 2005 and 2006.

“2007 measurements showed the advance of erosion in the dissipater’s concrete body (facing downstream). (…) Faults in the concrete were discovered, namely the existence of caverns measuring 2.5 – 4.5 metres, situated in the cylindrical dissipater’s downstream spur,” the request reads.

Company representatives analyzed five options to carry out this investment and recommend the use of the more complex one, even though it is more expensive, because the risk is significant and a price tag cannot be put on it.

“The highest investment values are those related to option 5. From a technological standpoint, compared to option 5, the implementation of the other options is complicated and represents heightened risk, and the possible technical omissions that can appear in these options cannot be financially quantified,” the document reads.

The ‘Iron Gates I’ dam has a total length of 441 metres.

Hidroelectrica is the largest and cheapest producer of electricity in Romania, producing a quarter of the electricity consumed at national level.


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