Romania: Romgaz signs three new gas delivery contracts

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Romgaz national gas company has signed contracts worth RON 154.5 M and will deliver natural gas to three state-owned heating plants, according to a report remitted to the Bucharest Stock Exchange on Wednesday. The contract with the highest value is the one signed with Electrocentrale Bucharest (ELCEN), worth RON 141.7 M. Romgaz signed an addendum on January 29, for the delivery of gas on February 1-29.

Romgaz also signed two natural gas delivery contracts with Electrocentrale Galati. The first, worth RON 614,839, was signed for natural gas to be delivered on the free market, for the non-household category of consumers. The second contract, worth RON 7.9 M, was signed for natural gas to be delivered to heating plants.

At the same time, Romgaz also signed a contract with Electrocentrale Oradea, on January 22. The contract stipulated the delivery of natural gas on the free market, to heating plants, on January 23-31. The contract had a value of RON 4.3 M.

Romgaz announced at the end of last week that it extended the contract for the delivery of natural gas to Electrocentrale Bucharest (ELCEN), in order to cover the February 1-29 period, through the signing of an addendum based on the same contractual terms.


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