Serbia: Al Dahra builds biogas plants in Belgrade

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The plan is to erect ten plants within the farms on the land of the former PKB on Palilula


Al Dahra Serbia, which became the owner of PKB last year, plans to build an industrial-industrial complex in Belgrade. These are ten biogas plants that should be built in the Palilula municipality.

According to unofficial information, the plan is to have one of the plants erected on land within the Vrbovsko cow farm, as well as two new farms that Al Dahra intends to build within the former PKB land complex – between Glogonjski rit and Kovilovo.

The details are not yet known, but it has been announced that the urban project will be publicly available. The Belgrade Secretariat for Urbanism and Construction Affairs has announced a public presentation on its portal.

It is pointed out that these are 10 independent biogas plants of 0.999 mW (999 kW) in 10 phases. The urban project was developed by the Tekto Studio from Stara Pazova, who also submitted a request for confirmation of the project for the investor – the company Al Dahra Serbia.

Member of the Board of Directors of the Biogas Association and owner of the power plant in Botos Branislav Pomoriški said that it was a good investment because biogas is the best form of renewable energy. But also the most expensive, because the cost of building a biogas plant, if the best technology is used, is about 2.8 million euros for one megawatt.

– Biogas is the future of renewable energy in Serbia, because it does not seek to cover the stability of the system, since it works 365 days a year – says our interlocutor, adding that currently there are about 14 megawatts and about 12 plants in Serbia, which is small if , say, compare to the most developed Germany, which has more than 1,000 megawatts online.

– It is an absolute commitment to more such plants. Biogas is the most favorable from the point of view of ecology, because it reduces the emission of harmful gases. Such facilities are suitable for large farms, but also for all those who have organic waste, such as slaughterhouse waste, silage … – said Pomoriski.

Energy Minister Aleksandar Antic said recently that biogas plants are under development in Serbia and that about 25 projects are at some stage of implementation.


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