Serbia: Charges filed against Zijin in Bor due to excessive air pollution

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Local activists in the Serbian town of Bor have filed charges for pollution against the Chinese-owned Serbia Zijin Bor Copper Company, the Beta news agency said.


The agency said it had been given a copy of the lawsuit by the activists and head of the local branch of the Justice and Freedom Party, Irena Zivkovic. They were filed by local activists and opposition town assembly councillors. Zijin CEO Long Yi is being charged with polluting the environment along with Bor Mayor Aleksandar Milikic and Environment Minister Goran Trivan who are charged with failing to protect the environment.

According to the charges, data from the Environmental Protection Agency showed that air pollution in 2019 was at levels which severely jeopardized the health of the population.

The lawsuit states that in the period January-November 2019, there was excessive air pollution in Bor and its surroundings.

Referring to the monitoring of air quality by the Environmental Protection Agency at two measurement sites for the period August-September, the lawsuit states that the concentration of sulfur dioxide up to 2,000 micrograms per cubic metre was measured at certain intervals in September, while in August, the concentration of arsenic was also up to 200 times the tolerance limit.

Several protests against pollution have been organized in Bor in recent months. So far, Mayor Milikic has held several meetings with representatives of the company Zijin to stop the pollution.

Zijin responded to anti-pollution protests over the past few months, saying that it had inherited a bad situation in the RTB Bor mining and smelting complex and pledging to take measures to reduce air pollution.


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