Serbia and China planning the construction together

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The Assembly of the city of Pancevo has obliged to hold the referendum in which people of Pancevo would vote for or against the construction of a waste-to-energy plant on the city’s territory before the signing of a legal act which would mean the beginning of the realization of the project for financing and building such a plant.

The decision was proposed by the Serbian Progressive Party and it was adopted at an extraordinary session of the Assembly, convened at the request of 24 opposition members.

The idea about constructing the first such power plant in Serbia has recently been confirmed by the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between the representatives of the Republic of Serbia and the Chinese partners and has provoked a strong reaction and resistance from the opposition members belonging to the Democratic Party, the League of Social Democrats of Vojvodina, the association “It’s Enough – Restart” and the Socialist Party of Serbia.

The Assembly agreed that the long-term decision, as they called it, couldn’t be made by the members, but that it had to be made by the people of Pancevo, no matter what the material gain might occur as a result of the construction of the plant.

While the memorandum on financing and constructing the waste-to-energy plant in the Republic of Serbia was being signed a month ago, there was talk about it being an expensive project and the price of electricity produced that way being much more expensive, but also about the possibility of solving the problem of around 3,000 illegal landfills all over Serbia.

There’s also the fact that there haven’t been such plants in the region and that the city of Uzice faced a similar dilemma and refused to become a site where waste is burned to produce electrical energy.


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