Serbia: Flood risk from flooded canals, locals blame – Turkish Stream

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Water company Vojvodina has declared an emergency flood defense on the stretch between Senta and Kanjiža. This is due to as many as nine flooded drainage channels in the part where the Turkish Stream pipeline is being built. Vojvodina Waters say that they asked Srbijagas to remedy the situation, but that this is not the first time that they have negligently led to consequences.

The water level at the drainage canal near Kanjiža is checked several times a day. They are 24-hour on duty since Friday. Nine canals were found along the route of the fourth section of the Turkish Stream gas pipeline and were cut and partly buried by excavators.

“It was not done in succession, but all channels were cut at once, which caused problems. The water had nowhere to go and threatened to spill. Especially as the rainfall began last week, ”said Aleksandar Kocan of the Vojvodina Water Company.

In the worst case, it could have led to the flooding of the Kanjiža area. Therefore, they sent a water inspection to the field two weeks ago ordering the measures, but they were not complied with. The situation culminated on November 29 with the declaration of an emergency flood defense.

“In order to be able to control their work in this way, that is, in cooperation with us, which was not respected, they open and close channels,” Kocan said.

The move has been fruitful, so the excavators worked on cleaning the canal over the weekend, in addition to the pipeline route. So far, only two out of nine, but that has significantly improved the situation, say in Vojvodina Waters.

How did contractors flood the drainage channels and cause flooding? Why they did not adhere to the instructions and rules they were given in Vojvodina Waters and what they would do to remedy the situation were the questions we asked Srbijagas. However, we did not get an answer.

Is the problem in a hurry to finish the project on time, since, according to earlier announcements, the Turkish Stream should be completed at the end of the year? At a meeting with the head of the Delegation of the European Union last week, the CEO of Srbijagas was explicit – deadlines have been met for now.

“So far, 370 miles of 403 pipes have been welded. This year, the line section will be finished, the compressor station will be finished next year. In translation, the project is on schedule, as far as Serbia is concerned, “said Dusan Bajatovic, CEO of Srbijagas recently.

As for Vojvodina vod, the project has been underway for a long time with poor communication and problems in the field. According to them, excavators were tearing off overhead power lines and underground cables in the third section of the pipeline, and that due to damage in the surroundings of Titel, some farmers also started private lawsuits.


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