Serbia is far behind with environmental reforms

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Reforms in the environmental sector in Serbia are still not a priority. The opening of Chapter 27 in the accession negotiations with the European Union, which entails systemic reforms in this area, did not happen this year, despite expectations.

Procrastination of this process poses a serious threat to the future and health of citizens. On the other hand, opening Chapter 27 would stimulate radical change for the better in 10 key areas: horizontal legislation, air quality, waste management, water quality, nature protection, chemical management, noise, climate change, forestry and environmental financing.

In order for the citizens of Serbia to live in a healthier environment, a three-year program of Young Researchers of Serbia, “ECO-SYSTEM: Support for Environmental Reforms”, was created.

“The very name of the program says that we want to convey the way nature works the way society works. In stable ecosystems, every individual, no matter how small, has a role and a purpose. When all actors in society have a role in changes, we have the opportunity to build a healthier environment “, says the director of the Young Researchers of Serbia, Tanja Petrovic.

With the awareness that reforms require engagement at all levels, the activities of the “ECO-SYSTEM” program have been shaped. The public has the opportunity to get acquainted with the program through the campaign “Let’s save the world – it’s up to you!”, Which encourages citizens to independently or jointly initiate changes through pressure on competent institutions – from the local to the national level. After that, the program will provide grants for networks of citizens’ associations that will improve the state of the environment with their projects, in accordance with the reforms envisaged in Chapter 27. The “ECO-SYSTEM” program lasts until 2022 and was supported by Sweden.