Serbia: Transactions within the Electricity market by the end of November

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The first transactions at the Electricity market in SEE (SEEPEX) will be published by the end of November, “Elektromreze Srbije” (EMS) have announced today. SEEPEX is planning to, by the end of November 2015, set up organized “day in advance” market in Serbia, it was stated in the EMS announcement.

The first transactions will be a cornerstone for trading in electricity at the Balkans, GM at EMS,Nikola Petrovic, outlined at the works which, for the future Stock market members, was held on Wednesday, (June 24, 2015) was organized EMS and EPEX SPOT, partners on the project of set up the Electricity market in SEE.

SEEPEX is a joint venture of EMS, which is an operator of transmission system in Serbia and EPEX SPOT-a. Functioning of SEEPEX will rely on ETS system for trading which EPEX SPOT uses for managing their markets operations.

Source; Agencies

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