Serbian Minister on New Energy Law

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Zorana Mihajlović, Serbian Minister of Energy, said that in the field of environmental protection, it is not only about changing the consciousness of citizens, but also about changing the investment plan, which should be based on the production of electricity and heat from renewable sources, reports Tanjug.

“We have to make a plan for how we will shut down thermal power plants in the coming decades.” People must be aware that there will be no thermal power plant in twenty or 30 years, but we will produce everything, electricity and heat from renewable sources – meaning hydroelectric power plants, gas and solar power plants, then wind power plants, biomass and the like, because we no longer have money to pay for those shows “, said Mihajlović.

When it comes to small hydroelectric power plants, the minister says that their construction in protected areas will be banned. That means, he explains, that they will not be able to be built in all national parks, as well as in the areas of the first, second or third degree of protection, which is a large part of Serbia. When asked what will happen to SHPPs that have already been built, Mihajlović states that there are two possibilities to work in the period for which they have a contract, which means a few more years, or that the state closes them before that with lawsuits.