Serbian river Pek in colors

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The public in the rest of Serbia became more interested in Pek’s troubles only after a disturbing story appeared on social networks these days, seriously accusing the Chinese company Zidjin, the majority owner of RTB Bor since 2018.

Drinking water – safe

“I don’t drink tap water for years, because I’m often in nature, so I bring spring water from the mountains,” Damir Malenovic from Kucevje told Istinomer.

He is sure that many people drink water from the fountain in Kucevo, which is confirmed by our other interlocutor.

“The story that we don’t have drinking water probably didn’t come from Kucevo, it came from Belgrade,” says the resident who did not want to mention his name, but emphasized that he has been drinking Kucevo fountain for half a century.

He also says that he did not notice that bottled water is bought more in local stores than usual.

The public utility company “Kucevo” has a contract with the Public Health Institute in Pozarevac, which takes samples from four places in the city several times a month to check the quality of drinking water. The findings published on the basis of samples taken at the beginning of February were published on the eKucevo portal, which say that water is safe. JKP Kucevo referred us to that expert assessment, but not to an expert interlocutor who would answer additional questions.

In 2016, National Geography published the text “What are the most polluted rivers in Serbia?”, Which states that “toxic waste is spreading from Pek to eastern Serbia and the Danube.”

At the beginning of 2018, the United Fishermen of Serbia warned of the pollution to which Pek is exposing the Majdanpek copper mine.